Episode 3x08, "The Last Time I Saw Maris"

  • Frasier: Niles, you've just been through a very traumatic experience and you are deep in denial here. You are going through some very extreme emotions right now, and rather than feeling them, you're denying they even exist.
  • Niles: I'm not denying my feelings! I'm so in tune with my emotions that I was able to move through them quickly. In fact, I've logged them all in my journal. [takes out small notebook and reads aloud] Let's see, where are we? Here: "5 AM: Blissful confusion. Something's happened, but what? 5:01: Ah, yes. An overwhelming sense of emptiness and despair. 5:07..." This one's hard to read... oh, right! "... wept uncontrollably. 6:15: All cried out. Hungry now. Ate entire box of Frosted Flakes; they're gr-r-r-eat!" [closes notebook] So don't you tell me I'm not in touch with my emotions!